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Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the last 20 years and many of us have not had the opportunity to evolve with it. We now find ourselves in a much smaller, quicker and more visual world and very often feel ‘intimidated’ when it comes to the ‘T’ word… Well, fear not because that’s where I come in.

With many years of experience in technology and training and consulting I am able to diagnose your problem and offer the best solution that BC has to offer. If it’s an issue that I cannot solve, then I will find someone who can  whether it be Windows, Apple, Android, Desktops, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, Printers.

I also have the knack and knowledge to translate your issue into techno-babble, solve the issue and translate it back to you so you understand what I have done for you and how to keep it working. This will put and keep you at ease and change the ‘Son how do I send this picture to Aunt Betsy’ to ‘Dad I need your help with these spreadsheets please.’

If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer or printer, I will advise you based on your needs and if you desire, I will accompany you to your preferred supplier and assist you in choosing the best technology for the best price.


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