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Connecting People through Technology

Remote IT Assistance & Trouble Shooting

Today’s technology allows many small issues to be corrected remotely, which can be helpful in rural areas or in extreme weather. As long as we have internet connectivity, I  can help.


Onsite IT Assistance & Trouble Shooting

Using one’s own device makes it easier to understand and digest the information being taught, so I will come to your home or office to keep you on familiar ground, relaxed, and using your own technology. The lure of coffee does wonders as well…

IT Consulting & Trouble Shooting

Technology training does not just mean showing you how to use an application but also how to purchase or advise on the best solution to a problem. If I do not have the answer , I will find the right person for  your question.

Hello! I’m Michael

Technology Trainer Extraordinaire

With over 35 years of experience with these fancy boxes called computers and smart devices and having been a trainer/technician in 3 different countries, I offer all this and more to you and as I said before, the lure of home-brewed coffee does wonders for the little grey cells.

My Approach

Having the right tools for the job at hand is the start to a successfully completed experience and I have those tools for all your Technology needs, with my experience and expertise, you will soon be showing your kids how to calculate their pocket money on Excel or connecting with Gran in a faraway land noticing that she has not aged in all these years.

My Expertise

Relaxation with no Technobabble

I have learnt that to understand the sunset, one has to feel the sunset and that’s exactly how I will make you feel while explaining the workings of your new device. You may just be able to imagine being on an awesome BC coastline.

Bill, Vancouver 2020

I have found Michael very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. He solved my computer problems and gave good advice on how to proceed and do stuff on my own.


Tim, Vancouver 2019

I found Michael to be very thoughtful and helpful in working through my questions about using my Apple computer. He was very knowledgeable about my issues and knew where and when to find the answers he did not know and he likes my coffee. I would recommend Michael as a Technology Tutor.


Holly, New Westminster 2019

Michael assisted me with the challenges of converting data from both an old Windows Vista laptop to an iMac. He was very helpful in presenting the pros and cons and options. He is easy to talk to and doesn’t hide behind geek-speak and does research if he doesn’t have the answers. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on him again.


Gary, Vancouver 2020

I was having a bit of a fit this morning, when the camera wasn’t working, and I was supposed to be involved in filming a lecture over zoom, Tim calmed me down and said, “Call Michael!” And he was so right… I appreciate your patience and skill and knowledge. I’m now ready for tomorrow. Thank you and Much gratitude.



D'Arcy, Vancouver 2020

The degree of experience and knowledge you bring to your work is just outstanding. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me.


Eva, Vancouver 2019

Thank You for your service. I appreciate your spending so much time here and working so hard to resolve my computer problems. I could have never done that by myself. I think my iMac is going to run much better from now on. Thanks again and best wishes into the future


Imran, New Westminster 2021

My experience working with Michael was great. He helped me alot . My course is going well thanks to your efforts . I hope we can work together in the future. Best wishes. 


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